Martin O'Hearn


I've found that I can't turn off the editor in my brain even when I'm reading for pleasure. So I'd like to make use of that quirk; I'll copy-edit/proof your manuscript.

1918 typewriter

I cleaned Optical Character Reader scans of pulp magazine stories as a freelance for the ebook publisher Radio Archives. I scrubbed junk characters and fixed other typos introduced by the OCR process, and copy-edited the manuscript: correcting spelling, grammar, punctuation, and format errors from the original, and judiciously modernizing some of those forms to fit the house style. The manuscript went on to a proofreader, but my goal was to leave him no errors.

The editor praised my accuracy and turnaround time. But the extra volume of work dried up, and last taken on, first let go.

I've proofed my own novels; check the Look Inside feature on the Amazon pages for Kings of the Comic Books or The Terrible Troll to see how I did. On request I'll email a sample of my process: 25,000 words of a Project Gutenberg public domain book with my corrections (and there are plenty of corrections to be made on all Gutenberg books). I correct with Word's Track Changes highlighted, but can correct an RTF using bare-bones highlighting.

My rate is $2 per 1000 words; I take payment through PayPal. I'll look at an average chapter's worth (up to 3000 words), and copy-edit/proof it for free before we proceed to a deposit on the remainder of the manuscript's wordage.

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