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The Terrible Troll indie ebook 2011
Kings of the Comic Books indie ebook 2013

Short Stories

Rescue Room Galaxy Science Fiction Sept. 1978
  Stories der Zukunft #79, 1979
Footprints online 2011
Tsunami of Swill indie ebook 2013

“Rescue Room” was translated into German under the title “Rettungsraum.”
“Stories der Zukunft” means “Stories of the Future.”

“Tsunami of Swill: Secret of the Ebook Crapnado” by the pseudonymous Charles Deckins is a novelty ebook written in response to J.A. Konrath's blog challenge: conceive, write, edit, and format a short piece, create a cover, and publish, all within eight hours. Here's the Amazon Link.

Rescue Room cover, GALAXY, Sept 1978cover, STORIES DER ZUKUNFT, 1979

GALAXY cover art by Brad Haman © 1978 UPD; German cover art probably from an American paperback

Plays Adapting Classic Short Stories

Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment Nathaniel Hawthorne 1983
Young Goodman Brown Nathaniel Hawthorne 1983
The Fall of the House of Usher Edgar Allan Poe 1986
The Monkey’s Paw W.W. Jacobs 1987-present
The Most Dangerous Game Richard Connell 1988-present
Louis Saki 1990-2005
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow Washington Irving 1991-1992
Lamb to the Slaughter Roald Dahl 1993-2004
The Lady or the Tiger Frank R. Stockton 2005-present
The Open Window Saki 2008-present

I also wrote story intros for a number of the shows touring from 1987 to the present. The show  Encore currently uses my intros and “The Monkey’s Paw.” Classics includes “The Most Dangerous Game,” “The Lady or the Tiger,” and “The Open Window.”

On one tour the house manager kept track of the audience numbers and saw we’d played to 50,000 kids in the first nine weeks. With a show every weekday, that averages over a thousand seats per show.

With usually four tours out in the fall, for 3-4 months, and two out in the spring, for 4 months or so, the numbers add up. My estimate of the tickets sold to shows presenting at least one of my scripts over the last quarter century is over seven million. Admittedly the draw was Poe, Saki, Irving, and company!

You can see by comparing the flyer copy to my list, by the way, that while some stories kept on going out year after year, the scripts by different adapters came and went.

Chamber Theatre flyer, Monkey's Paw photo

Flyer © 1992 Chamber Theatre Productions